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Group and Individual Memberships
We provide 3 core services for groups and individual memberships:

  • Legal
  • Labor

COPS Legal, LLC customizes and combines the levels of services according to your needs.  We are able to develop all-inclusive service plans.

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PLAN #1 - Legal and Labor

  • Call for a quote*

PLAN #3 - Labor Only

  • Call for a quote*

Plan #4 - PAC Management

We will set up and maintain your PAC.

Political Slate Mailer - Get involved and endorse political campaigns*

Political plans are customized according to the needs of your association*
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"Legal and Labor Representation At Its Best"
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PLAN #2 - Legal Only

  • Call for a quote*

Labor negotiations are also available for a flat fee. Call for a quote*.
* Additional fees may apply. Individual cases and needs vary.
Critical Incident
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